I along with the most skilled and experienced team, provide you with a top notch Online Trading Platform which can give you up to 500% guaranteed ROI.

What is a Forex Investment Company?

A forex investment company is a financial business which provides fixed daily profits through its trading services. Your investment amount will be operated by a professional group of asset managers and trading experts who will use your funds in trading on multiple assets primarily including Crypto and Forex.

We manage your investments to make sure all our investors are consistently reaching their financial goals.

Feel the peace of mind that gives having a managed account by a Forex investment company. We’ll be getting profits for you, meanwhile you are walking or sleeping.<

Who needs an online forex investment company?

If you don’t have time to trade your funds or you think that you don’t have enough knowledge and experience, then it’s recommended that you get your funds managed by a forex investment company.

You can be an individual investor or an affiliate looking to diversify its investment portfolio in the Forex Market without having to be involved in direct managing of your funds.

How am I helping you?

From a very young age I have been scuba diving in the Forex and Crypto trading environment. Keen to research, inspect and analyse even the slightest changes in the Forex Global Market and so if I see a loop hole where money can be made, I try to make the most out of that opportunity. I believe when you are providing a possibility of success to someone or to a group of people you are opening doors to get more financial suggestions and opportunities in return, it's always been give and take. Because I myself started trading in Forex and making a quite good living while I was still young, I knew that many other people just like me can attain financial freedom through it. It's just that they need the right tools and the right direction. With Bixo Trade I am empowering people to reach their financial aspirations without having to sit on the computer, doing research and analyse those boring graphs.

Why should you look for a Forex trading investment company?

The main reason to invest in a Forex trading Investment company is to have safe and long term steady profitable performance.

1. Forex Market is a 24/5 open market and is a worldwide market, so trading is continuous as long as there is any open market in any world’s country.

2. Forex market has high liquidity, we can move large amounts of money into and out of foreign currency with a minimal price movement. Transaction Costs in the Forex Market are very low.

3. Leverage can be used in the Forex Market. It is the capability to trade more money on the market than what is in your account

Leverage gives you a good feeling when a trade is working in your favor, but it usually makes things worse if you don’t have a professional plan to get out of a losing position.

That’s why it is very important to avoid risking your funds trying to control such a complex market and better choose a professional Forex investment company in order to control, manage and make your funds grow.

Hence, with Bixo Trade you keep your funds safe from the beginning and let the professional asset managers do what they know and love to do. Ensure daily steady good profits, while you enjoy your life doing your regular work, being with friends, traveling, etc.