About Me

A young Forex trader with his own distinctive trading strategies has been leveraging financial stability with forex investments since 2010. Now a CEO of one of the most sophisticated forex and crypto trading platforms

It isn’t every day that one can make their first million by the age of 23, unlike Benjamin Gimson who through trial and error, made his first million after mastering the art of Forex trading.

The 27-year-old Mr Benjamin is not only the CEO of Bixo Trade, but also a member of the administration of Bixo Fintech which is the parent company of Bixo Trade.

He completed his schooling from Highgate Wood School in 2010 and was forced to study engineering, but had to abandon his studies because of his lack of interest and more inclusion towards online businesses.

Determined to make something of his life, he did not want to follow the conventional way rather build something of his own and strengthen his finances.

“I never wanted to work for someone; I’ve always been taken by the idea of being my own boss and being financially free.” he quotes.

He started trading Forex at a very young age and realised that there is a lot of money there to be earned. The foreign exchange financial market is the largest in the world, with more than $6.5 trillion in trade. It is known for its high-risk nature, and high capital requirements. This is why it is mostly traded by banks and large corporates. However, Mr. Benjamin claims to have simplified it for himself through his own unique strategies which have been giving him high returns for a longer time. As he gained more experience, he got the idea of starting his own business venture and helping other young people around the globe to leverage from the Forex and online investing opportunities.

Mr Benjamin believes, "Everyone has the power to achieve their dreams, as long as they believed in themselves and worked hard. A person’s upbringing and where they come from do not determine one’s capabilities or where they will end up in life. One learns a lot more from making mistakes than not doing anything at all. We can use those mistakes as stepping stones to get our desired goals.”

According to him, to be financially free, one needs more than a salary. It can only be solved by learning the secrets of handling money, saving and investing for high returns.

He advises youngsters to remain positive and to think out the box. Be innovative and solution-orientated, don’t be afraid of being wrong and making mistakes. It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

He also encourages people to read business books and seek mentors to help them along the way.

"Always surround yourself with like-minded and positive people. Educate yourself about finances, investments and assets and how to acquire them. That is the only way one can reach financial freedom. Never stop dreaming and believing. Dreams do come true, I’m a living testimony. Above all, never, ever give up,” he concluded.

Mr Benjamin Gimson, the founder and president of Bixo Fintech upon meeting Mr Benjamin was quite impressed by the enthusiasm and knowledge he had about the trading ecosystem. Implementing his ideas and programming AI trading bots as per his trading style and strategies was going to provide a really lucrative form of forex and crypto investment methods. That is when they both joined hands and planned to start a business venture together.